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Damian Perera

Software Engineer


Hello, I'm Damian (he/him).

I am a full-stack developer passionate about building scalable, performance-oriented cloud applications and infrastructure.

I believe in failing fast - and my experience in platform design, monolithic migrations, microservices, and enterprise cloud solutions together with a strong passion to learn and keep up with the latest trends helps me in driving ideas from their inception, to design, development, and finally production. Having worked with agile software teams I am both results-oriented and delivery minded.


Professional Experience


2021 - Present
Professional Backend Engineer

Laravel · Kotlin · Spring · gRPC · AWS CDK

Currently involved in migrating core people and organization data systems out of a legacy monolith into performant, scalable and resilient micro-services in order to enable other product teams, users, and integration partners to build features and offerings within the HR space.

Sysco LABS

2018 - 2021
Associate Lead Engineer

Java · Spring · REST · AWS

  • Contributed to the design and development of the primary order processing service which manages the ordering and payment processing activities of customers.
  • Revamped legacy monolithic backend systems by designing and developing new event-driven, reactive microservices.
Senior Software Engineer

Java · Spring · React · Express · REST · AWS

  • Provided on-call engineering support on critical services of the e-commerce platform that affects the ordering and payment activities of users.
  • Designed and developed holistic logging and monitoring systems along with behaviour-driven test platforms that enabled the self-healing capability of production systems.
Software Engineer

React · Express · Java · Spring · Python · REST · AWS

  • Joined as a member of the engineering team spearheading the design, development and launch of Sysco's ($SYY) new flagship e-commerce platform designed to replace the existing legacy monolith at Sysco, which now processes over $20 Bn per annum.
  • Designed, developed and maintained the cloud infrastructure of the e-commerce platform based on RESTful OAS micro-services and hosted on AWS.
  • Improved the performance of legacy frontend applications by offloading compute-intensive logic to new data orchestration service layers.


2017 - 2018
Software Engineer

PHP · React · Express · REST

  • Designed and developed internal and client-facing cloud systems related to disaster management, system management and application support.
  • Established engineering best-practices such as the use of Git version control systems and CI/CD models.


2016 - 2017
Trainee Associate Software Engineer

Swift · JavaScript · Unity · C# · C++ · REST

  • Designed and implemented Proof of Concept projects and conducted research & development within the Innovation (R&D) Team.
  • Worked as a core member of the Mixed Reality team (under the Innovation team), which worked on R&D projects related to Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality hardware and their applications in the retail domain.



Munich, Germany


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Current Stack

    Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, PHP, Python
    Spring, Express, React, Laravel, Eloquent, Python
    REST, gRPC
    TestContainers, Redux, MockServer, WireMock, LocalStack
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
    Docker, Kubernetes (K8s)
    Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Bachelor of Engineering

Software Engineering - 1st Class

2014 - 2018
University of Westminster, UK

Social Projects

Community Builder

2021 - 2022
Amazon Web Services (AWS)


2014 - 2016
United Nations

Youth Ambassador

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)


Image of Gleidson Thuller

Gleidson Thuller

Engineering Manager, Personio

I had the pleasure to work with Damian for over a year at Personio. During this time Damian has proven to be a very reliable, friendly, team-oriented engineer, always showing a high degree of integrity and ownership. His technical skills not only helped the team but also me to understand the caveats and bottlenecks of our complex monolith-migration project and take proper decision right on time.

It's important to mention that Damian not only shows great technical and social abilities but also has a fantastic product awareness, always being a reliable peer in our cross-functional team. Due to a massive department growth and an urging need for his skills in another team, we're currently not working together but I'm truly looking forward to have the chance to work with Damian again.

Damian is a great addition to any team and I have no doubts I'll hear about uncountable success cases throughout his career as a software engineer.

Image of Katja Hähnlein

Katja Hähnlein

Product Manager, Personio

I really appreciate working with Damian. He is a great colleague with a huge amount of expertise and truly is a team player: He delivers always great quality within his releases as he truly tries to understand the customer's problems as well the product requirements. He supports the onboarding of new colleagues, and with his good mood and openness, he increases the team's happiness. Mostly I am impressed with Damian's architectural and planning abilities. He supported me significantly with a complex roadmap planning of a technical re-architecture of our domain and made sure that all technical aspects and potential risks are considered before and during this complex architectural initiative.

Image of Shanik Makalande

Shanik Makalande

Software Architect, Sysco LABS

Damian is a rare all-rounder in terms of practical full-stack knowledge, sound architectural foresight and good people management skills. He has demonstrated calm effectiveness in the face of many highly stressful situations.

While Damian was in my team I could rest easy knowing that he would be at the forefront of any issue that would come up, generally with a solution in place before it even gets to me. Aside from his on-point work ethic, he is also a pleasure to work with. Damian is often the life of the party and he demonstrates a passion for drawing the team together and motivating them.

I highly recommend Damian to any team that has a good vision for the future, if he buys into it, he will help get you there!

Image of Chandima Jayawickrema

Chandima Jayawickrema

Sr. Software Architect, Sysco LABS

Damian is one of best Engineers I have worked with in my career.

He is an all-rounder who excels in Full-stack Programming, DevOps, Business alignment, Communication and Leadership at such a young age. Not only does he hold a strong suite of competencies, but also he processes great inter-personal qualities with humility that makes him a great team player and a well-respected colleague among peers. Moreover, I cannot appreciate enough on Damian's pro-activeness, self-engaged passion and extreme accountability when it comes to sustaining our day-to-day operations.

He is indeed a rare gem to find.

Image of Keet Sugathadasa

Keet Sugathadasa

Technical Lead, Sysco LABS

Damian is one of the most exceptional characters I have met in my career. He takes pride in every aspect he's doing. He's quite an example for a true full-stack engineer, where he technically excels at every task he's given with. His knowledge on Javascript is top-notch where he has made a lot of contributions to our team as well as the open source community. What I like the most about him, is his curiosity to learn new technologies, evaluate them and quickly adapt into them. He's the kind of engineer who goes above and beyond his assigned responsibilities, to help his project and his team mates whenever needed.

He's also a great team player and a people's person with a solid personality, which indeed makes him adapt to any working environment he's put into. He possesses great leadership skills which will indeed be an inspiration to everyone working around him. He's a young and talented engineer, and he would definitely be an invaluable asset to any team.

Image of Hasitha Liyanage

Hasitha Liyanage

VP Engineering, Sysco LABS

Damian worked with me in 2019 during my time as engineering lead for Sysco LABS' customer experience organization. He was one of the more exceptional software engineers in that team: technically solid, hardworking and possessing soft skills necessary for future leadership. One of the things he did was taking ownership of a relatively complicated architectural change that helped improve the application's front-end performance significantly.

He'll be a great addition to any team.

Image of Roshan Wettesinghe

Roshan Wettesinghe

Lead Engineer, Sysco LABS

As a self-motivated and very innovative thinker, Damian has been a great asset to our company as an engineer.

Damian was viewed very favorably by both his coworkers as well as management for his logical mind and his ability to quickly solve problems in very creative and efficient ways. He truly possesses the mind of an engineer, and is consistently looking ways to improve. His mastery of engineering concepts is truly impressive. He also proven himself capable in research and design.

I'm truly honored to work with him and learned a lot from him.

Image of Shashika Gunasena

Shashika Gunasena

Lead Engineer, Sysco LABS

Damian was the youngest in my team and a fine gentleman. He had the challenge to replace the skill set of a senior engineer. Undoubtedly he accomplished that challenge. That was his very first time working in front-end technology. Within a short period, he groomed himself as a well-experienced engineer. He posses strong skills in JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS and AWS. Also, he is skilled in Java.

He is a strong communicator. He delivers concepts clearly to different levels of audiences. He blends well with teammates, which makes him a required person all the time. His well-organized work structure helps stakeholders to get a clear picture of how things getting done. He is a go-getter. His friendly behaviour is a great asset to the team.

I highly recommend this wonderful young gentleman without a second thought.

Image of Udara Samarasinghe

Udara Samarasinghe

Project Manager, Zone24x7

It's not often that you come across individuals with the right balance of skill, passion, and attitude as exhibited by Damian.

I closely worked with Damian on the retail innovation project where he was entrusted with complex tasks that came with frequent changes and tight deadlines. I was particularly impressed by Damian's can-do attitude, teamwork, his passion for new technology and innovation, his ability to adapt to change, and his dedication that led to consistent timely delivery.

Damian would be an asset to any team and comes with my recommendation.